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Ontario Corn Fed BeefThe Pasta House - Taste the Difference for Yourself!

Owners, Carmen and Pina Simone

BizX Magaziine April 2004 - Featured Article  "The Secret is in the Sauce"

The Pasta House
, a Windsor owned and family operated business, prides itself on the authenticity and quality of their products which comes only from using real fresh raw ingredients.  Established in 1988, the owners who are Italian immigrants, have a passion for pasta products, manufacturing an upscale, but very affordable product available to both the retail and wholesale sector.  Pasta at The Pasta House is created naturally using durum semolina flour and real whole eggs.  The beef which is used is only Ontario certified "corn fed beef".  No preservatives, no color, or artificial flavours; only real natural ingredients, the old fashioned way - made from scratch.  The label tells it all.  Ingredients can be read and understood since only real raw ingredients are used.

There are only a handful of past makers, like The Pasta House, that still use the old-fashioned method of mixing dough with only raw ingredients and passing it through rollers before cutting the pasta into shape.  Here at The Past House - pasta is born!

How are The Pasta House's pasta products different from supermarket retail brands?  It is all in how you define "fresh".  We define fresh as recently made or produced.  The Pasta House makes fresh pasta every day, all day.  Pasta is sold within hours of producing.  No mass production allowed,

Also, the difference is in the ingredients and the flavour.  Only real fresh ingredients are used to make the finest pasta available.  It's amazing how good real food tastes.

With this push of eating healthy food and reading labels, consumers now have a fresh alternative to eating healthy without doing the work, simply by purchasing products from The Pasta House.

Choose from a variety of prepared dinners ready to heat in various sizes, or buy fresh fettucini or ravioli.  Pick up a variety of home-made Italian sauces, boil water at home and cook up an Italian storm in your own kitchen.

You don't have to be Italian to eat Italian!
Once one experiences the great flavour of fresh pasta, dried pasta just don't do! . . .

Take the difference for yourself!

Buon Appetito!

Carmen and Pina Simone, Owners


 Roccamorice, in the province of Pescare, Abruzzo Region - Italy            Abbateggio, in the province of Pescare, Abruzzo Region - Italy

                       Roccamorice, in the province of Pescare,                                       Abbateggio, in the province of Pescare,
                                   Abruzzo Region - Italy                                                                      Abruzzo Region - Italy